International Evaluation Co-operation, Volume 7

Nuclear Data Standards

ISBN : 92-64-02313-5
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Subgroup 7 of the NEA Working Party on International Nuclear Data Co-operation (WPEC) was established to re-evaluate the nuclear data standards cross-section. These cross-section data are the basis for the evaluated nuclear data libraries, as most of the underlying experimental data are measured relative to these standards. The incentive to undertake this re-evaluation work was based on the fact that significant improvements to the experimental database have been made since the standard data were last evaluated some 20 years ago.

The work of the subgroup was performed in close collaboration with an IAEA Co ordinated Research Project (CRP) and a task force of the US Cross-section Evaluation Working Group (CSEWG). This report provides a brief overview of the work accomplished, outlining the main findings and providing a full list of references. A more extensive report will be issued by the above-mentioned IAEA Co-ordinated Research Project.