Working Group on the Safety of Advanced Reactors (WGSAR)

The working group will be responsible for the programme of work in the CNRA regarding regulatory activities in the primary area of advanced reactors and associated installations. The term “advanced reactors” in the context of this working group refers primarily to non-light-water innovative reactor designs such as those proposed by the Generation IV International Forum (GIF), including small modular non-light-water reactors.

The WGSAR will provide regulatory perspectives through the issuance of technical reports containing discussions of areas in which additional or revised regulatory framework and licensing approaches, including safety research, may be needed to facilitate effective regulation of advanced reactors and to develop common understanding and approaches. The WGSAR will also interact with organisations performing research and design of advanced reactors such as GIF, and co-ordinate the activities with other NEA committees and international organisations (e.g. IAEA and EC) to facilitate exchange of information to ensure consistency of approach and to avoid the duplication of work.

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