SINBAD - Shielding Integral Benchmark Archive and Database
The Iron Shielding Benchmark Experiments at Yayoi (Image: NEACRP-U-73, OECD NEA, 1976)


The Shielding Integral Benchmark Archive and Database (SINBAD) contains compilations for experiments related to:

  • reactor shielding
  • fusion neutronics shielding
  • accelerator shielding experiments.

The work on SINBAD is jointly carried out by the United States’  Radiation Safety Information Computational Center (RSICC) and the NEA. At the NEA the Expert Group on Physics of Reactor Systems (EGPRS)  is mandated to monitor gaps and steer the development of SINBAD in collaboration with RSICC (see SINBAD Task Force below).

The current content of the database sorted by shielding material, facility, and originating establishment and summary descriptions of the individual SINBAD evaluations is listed at:

SINBAD access

In 2023/2024, SINBAD has been successfully migrated to NEA GitLab and two versions have been established:

  • Version 1 of SINBAD (SINBAD.V1): Legacy database with 102 entries, status February 2024
  • Version 2 of SINBAD (SINBAD.v2):  Future database (markdown based, implementing new format for the entries, allowing contributors to work on this version)

Members of an organization from an NEA Data Bank member country can request SINBAD.V1 by the following procedure:

  1. Download the SINBAD.V1 license agreement.
  2. Complete and sign the license agreement.
  3. Send a scanned copy to

Others can request SINBAD.V1 from RSICC

SINBAD.V2 will be released soon and will then be continuously updated and extended under the supervision of the SINBAD Task Force of the  Expert Group on Physics of Reactor Systems (EGPRS).

SINBAD on NEA GitLab (access only for licensees)

SINBAD Task Force

A new SINBAD Task Force supervised by the  Expert Group on Physics of Reactor Systems (EGPRS) has been operating since February 2022. A new maintenance process supported by the NEA GitLab has been defined and several maintenance subgroups have been formed. They are now working independently on new entries and exchange on needs in V&V of shielding calculations.  The Task Force intends to create new benchmark entries, to improve the documentation of existing entries, and to supplement entries with additional data (e.g. model inputs, CAD).


Chair of SINBAD Task Force Thomas Miller (USA)

All NEA member countries 

Full participant

European Commission (under the NEA Statute)

Observer (international organisation)

International Atomic Energy Agency (by agreement)


Task Force members' working area on NEA SharePoint  (password protected | reminder)

NEA GitLab for SINBAD  (password protected | reminder)


If you want to participate in the SINBAD Task Force or to report issues to be resolved, please send an email to

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