Nuclear Data Sensitivity Tool (NDaST)
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Nuclear Data Sensitivity Tool (NDaST)

The Nuclear Data Sensitivity Tool (NDaST) is a Java based piece of software, designed to perform calculations on nuclear data sensitivity files for benchmark cases. These calculations are either:

  • an estimation of the impact of nuclear data perturbations to the computed case results, and/or;
  • calculation of the uncertainty in the computed results due to evaluated nuclear covariance data.

This allows simple and fast analysis for nuclear data evaluators to test the impact of revisions across a wide set of benchmarks. Users may also efficiently compare the difference in uncertainties obtained from various sources.

Automated database search and loading from:

Supported formats:

  • sensitivity data: Tsunami 1D/3D (.sdf), ABBN
  • covariance data: ENDF, BOXER, COVERX.

User manual:

Launch NDaST

Launch NDaST
May 2022 version. Requires Java 6 or later.


External Publications:

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    NDaST results

    Nuclear Data Covariance Propagation on ICSBEP Benchmarks (k-eff)

    Extract of results from: O.Cabellos, J.Dyrda and N.Soppera, "Checking, Processing and Verification of Nuclear Data Covariances" CW2017, Aix-en-Provence, Oct 2017