NEA Global Forum on Nuclear Education, Science, Technology and Policy
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The NEA Global Forum on Nuclear Education, Science, Technology and Policy acts as an inclusive network of experts in the nuclear energy sector, primarily from academia, focused on enabling the generation and flow of ideas. With creative problem-solving measures, the Global Forum aims to help confront some of the most significant challenges the nuclear energy sector faces today.

The goals and objectives of the Global Forum are to:

  • Identify good practices, facilitate shared activities, and co-ordinate joint programmes to advance nuclear science and technology, education, and policy.
  • Conduct studies and analyses related to the future of the nuclear sector with particular focus on academic and human capital issues.
  • Hold periodic symposia to highlight the Forum’s work and provide a venue for experts from academic institutions, as well as other stakeholders to identify emerging issues and creative solutions related to the strategic areas identified.                                                                               


Over the years, the NEA has had little direct engagement with academic institutions that are responsible for developing the next generation of nuclear science and technology experts. Furthermore, these academic institutions lack a global platform to exchange experiences and co-operate towards common goals.

To address these gaps, the NEA has established its Global Forum on Nuclear Education, Science, Technology and Policy in partnership with academia to provide a platform for sustained co-operation amongst academic institutions, policymakers and key stakeholders in the nuclear energy sector and civil society.

When it entered into force on 28 January 2021 the NEA Global Forum was the newest addition to the 14 Global Forums then operating within the OECD.


Added value and benefits

The Global Forum dually contributes added value to the NEA and the nuclear community:

  • Positions the NEA as the premier forum for international co-operation and dialogue on nuclear education and related areas of science, technology, and policy.
  • Leverages the impact of ongoing NEA initiatives related to innovation, human capital development, and engagement with stakeholders to the benefit of both academic institutions and the NEA member countries themselves.
  • Provides and universities from NEA member countries with a framework for global co-operation and engagement.
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