Role of Integral Experiment Covariance Data for Criticality Safety Validation: EG UACSA Benchmark Phase IV

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This benchmark report has been compiled under the guidance of the NEA Working Party on Nuclear Criticality Safety (WPNCS) in the Subgroup on the Role of Integral Experiment Uncertainties and Covariance Data in Criticality Safety Validation. One of the objectives of this Subgroup is to complete the open tasks of its predecessor, the NEA Expert Group on Uncertainty Analysis for Criticality Safety Assessment (EG UACSA).

The UACSA was established in 2008 to address issues related to sensitivity and uncertainty (S/U) studies for criticality safety calculations. In the first years, the group’s activity focused on two principal topics: estimation of the bias and its uncertainty for criticality safety calculations and the assessment of manufacturing/operational (including depletion when applicable) uncertainties.