SMR readiness and the launch of the NEA SMR Dashboard

Nuclear innovation in small modular reactors (SMRs) has the potential to address multiple energy policy priorities around the world, from decarbonising electricity and deep decarbonisation of hard-to-abate sectors, to ensuring security of energy supply, and promoting economic development and prosperity. A wide range of SMR concepts are under development around the world to help meet these energy policy priorities. They are at different levels of technology readiness, with several taking significant steps towards commercialisation. 

The NEA Small Modular Reactor Dashboard includes analysis of 21 SMR designs and the progress towards their deployment and commercialisation. The compilation of the NEA SMR Dashboard looks beyond technology readiness level and assesses progress across six additional enabling conditions: licensing readiness, siting, financing, supply chain, engagement and fuel. Taken together with assessments about technical readiness, it reveals which SMR technologies and projects are moving rapidly from concept to commercialisation in various markets around the world. 

The online launch gathered experts and stakeholders who are exploring SMRs for a variety of end-use applications to discuss the status of SMR development and factors that influence commercial readiness.


Watch the launch discussion


15:00-15:05 Introduction

15:05-15:10 Welcoming remarks

  • William D. Magwood, IV, NEA Director-General

15:10-15:15 Opening remarks

  • Kathryn Huff, Assistant Secretary for Nuclear Energy, U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Nuclear Energy

15:15-15:20 Scene setting remarks

  • Brent Wanner, Head of Power Sector Unit, World Energy Outlook, International Energy Agency

15:20-15:30 Presentation of the NEA SMR Dashboard

  • Diane Cameron, Head of Division, Nuclear Technology Development and Economics, NEA

15:30-16:00 Panel discussion

Moderator: Diane Cameron, Head of Division, Nuclear Technology Development and Economics, NEA

  • David Arinze, Global Focal Point, SDG7 Youth Constituency at United Nations Major Group for Children & Youth
  • Kirsty Gogan, Founder and Managing Partner, TerraPraxis
  • Waclaw Gudowski, Professor, National Center for Nuclear Research and Advisor to Orlen Synthos Green Energy
  • Photinie Koutsavlis, Vice President, Economic Affairs and Climate Change, Mining Association of Canada

SMR end users: This panel will focus on the demand for SMRs across various applications, including potentially for the production of hydrogen, industrial heat applications, repowering coal, and remote applications. The discussion will focus on the energy planning priorities of potential end-users.

16:00-16:20 Panel discussion

Moderator: William D. Magwood, IV, NEA Director-General

  • Olivier Gupta, Director General, French Nuclear Safety Authority and Chairperson of the Western European Nuclear Regulators Association
  • Rumina Velshi, President and Chief Executive Officer, Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC)

Regulators: This panel will focus on the readiness of regulators in North America and Europe to regulate SMRs, including for non-electric applications.

16:20-16:25 Closing remarks

  • Naoki Chigusa, Chief Executive Officer, World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO)

16:25-16:30 Closing of the webinar