Expert Group on Fuel Materials (EGFM)


Under the guidance of the Nuclear Science Committee (NSC) and under the mandate of the Working Party on Materials Science Issues in Nuclear Fuels and Structural Materials (WPFM), the Expert Group on Fuel Materials (EGFM) has been established in 2023 and its work covers materials science aspects of nuclear fuels. It advances multi-scale modelling and simulation together with experimental activities.

The EGFM addresses all fuel types, both fuel materials currently deployed in the nuclear fleet and envisaged for future fission reactors, as well as advanced fuels, such as oxide, metallic, nitride, carbide, silicide, composite fuels, and relevant cladding issues.


The EGFM aims to 

  • assess multi-scale modelling and simulation of fuel materials for nuclear systems;
  • promote the implementation of advanced computational techniques for scale bridging and model integration from physics-based computation to data-driven modelling;
  • perform verification and validation of simulations and model predictions through uncertainty analysis, evaluation of approximations, benchmarking of fuel materials behaviour simulation tools, and comparison with analytical solutions as well as experimental data;
  • conduct joint and comparative studies to improve the understanding and modelling of the behaviour of fuel materials;
  • enhance the implementation and exploitation of systematic fuel materials experimental characterisation through the establishment of protocols of execution, data collection and data analysis;
  • conduct joint and comparative studies to support the development, selection and characterisation of innovative fuel materials with enhanced performance;
  • engage with experimental campaigns, such as those performed within the NEA Second Framework for Irradiation Experiments (FIDES-II), to optimise the link between irradiation experimental data generated and the needs of the modelling and simulation community;
  • assess the status and future needs with regard to modelling and experimental data for the qualification of fuels;
  • catalogue and support existing fuel materials databases and promote the fuel modelling needs in the databases’ development;
  • promote activities which aim to develop best practices for data formatting and preservation;
  • disseminate and discuss the results of the task force in conferences or open literature; and
  • support the creation of task forces to address specific issues in the technical field covered by EGFM.
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EGFM organisation

Chair David GODDARD (United Kingdom)
Vice-Chair Michel FREYSS (France)
Members All NEA member countries
Full participant European Commission (under the NEA Statute)

Observer (international organisation)

International Atomic Energy Agency (by agreement)


NEA WPFM Secretariat: Alice DUFRESNE

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