Discussing nuclear regulatory activities


The NEA (Restricted access link) , an international forum for collaboration between nuclear regulators, held its 49th meeting on 8-9 June 2023. Around 40 delegates from 21 countries, the International Atomic Energy Agency, the European Commission and the Western European Nuclear Regulators' Association (WENRA) discussed the CNRA's ongoing and future activities.

The meeting focused on the implementation of the new CNRA organisational structure and governance approach that was the result of a three-year strategic review completed in December 2022. Each of the five new working groups and the two expert groups that report to CNRA presented planned activities as well as the new vision for CNRA. During the meeting the CNRA also approved two reports, five proposals for new activities that will be conducted by the working and expert groups. The next CNRA meeting will take place on December 7-8 2023 in Paris, France.

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