Common positions

The MDEP focuses on co-operation and convergence of regulatory practices that will lead to convergence of regulatory requirements. Co-operation allows a better understanding of each other's processes to encourage and facilitate convergence. One of the products of these convergence results is the establishment of Common positions (CP) through the activities of the different Design and Issue-Specific working groups (DSWG and ISWG).

Generic common positions

The generic CP are produced by ISWG. They are:

  • not linked to a specific design;
  • useful for future licensing reviews.

Generic CP can emphasise or extend recommendations from existing guides or standards (IAEA documents, national regulatory guides, industrial standards, state-of-the-art documents, etc.) or can correspond to a new recommendation. Generic CP can be directed to regulators, to applicants or to both.

Generic CP:

Design-specific common positions

The design-specific CP are produced by DSWG. They are:

  • linked to one design;
  • used to formalise a position on subject with strong safety issues;
  • formalised both to underline possible concern or satisfaction with specific aspects of the design.

Design-specific CP correspond to a position shared by the working group members at a given time in the licensing review process on a specific topic. They can be directed to regulators, to applicants or to both.

Design-specific CP:

Last reviewed: 14 March 2013