Digital Instrumentation and Control Working Group (DICWG)

The MDEP Digital Instrumentation and Controls Working Group (DICWG) was approved by MDEP's Policy Group in March 2008 and meets approximately 3 times a year. All MDEP members and the IAEA are invited to participate in this working group's activities.

The DICWG's main objectives are as follows:

  • to document common positions in the DI&C safety systems design areas;
  • to harmonise and converge national codes, standards and regulatory requirements and practices in this area while recognising the sovereign rights and responsibilities of national regulators in carrying out their safety reviews of new reactor designs (see the DICWG programme plan for more details of the group's work).

The DICWG interacts regularly with the following organisations:

  • IEC (International Electro-technical Commission) Subcommittee 45A, Instrumentation and Control of Nuclear Facilities;
  • IEEE (Institute of Electric and Electronics Engineers);
  • other organisations involved in the design of digital I&C safety systems for nuclear power plants.

The DICWG reports its status to the MDEP Steering Technical Committee at the latter's thrice annual meetings.


For more information, see the MDEP Annual Report 2017-2018.

Programme plan

2017-2018 Programme Plan


Common Positions

Technical Reports

Last reviewed: 30 August 2017