Fundamentals of International Nuclear Law (FINL)

2022 session: 14-18 February

* Application period is closed *


The Fundamentals of International Nuclear Law (FINL) was developed by the NEA to provide a high-level, introductory review of the central aspects of international nuclear law in a condensed 3 hours per day online programme.

The following subjects are covered during the FINL programme:

  • nuclear safety, regulation and licensing;
  • management of spent fuel and radioactive waste;
  • environmental law and nuclear activities;
  • transport of nuclear materials and fuel;
  • nuclear security;
  • non-proliferation and international safeguards for nuclear materials;
  • liability, compensation and insurance for nuclear damage; and
  • international trade in nuclear materials and equipment.

Lectures are delivered by specialists in nuclear law from international organisations, governments and private industry.

Who can apply?

Both professionals and graduate students can apply.

  • Professional applicants should have at least one year of relevant professional experience and a basic knowledge of law as it relates to nuclear energy.
  • Graduate students should be enrolled in an energy or international law-related LLM programme.

The FINL is limited to 40 participants. Priority will be given to applicants who have not yet attended either of the NEA’s other two educational programmes (the International School of Nuclear Law (ISNL) and International Nuclear Law Essentials (INLE)).


All course instruction and discussion take place in English. Course materials are provided in English. Simultaneous interpretation is not available during the course.


The FINL takes place entirely online on the teleconferencing platform Zoom.


Please contact the Division of Nuclear Law of the NEA by e-mail if you have any questions.