Steering Technical Committee (STC)

The MDEP Steering Technical Committee (STC) has been working since the MDEP's inception in March 2008. All MDEP countries are invited to join in the STC activities as well as the IAEA. The STC provides guidance to the design and issue specific working groups in order to ensure the programme of work is carried out to meet the MDEP goals, objectives, expected outcomes. The STC meets approximately 3 times a year and reports to the PG about important accomplishments and policy issues pertinent to MDEP efforts. The STC provides oversight of working group activities to ensure consistency in MDEP work and products and to co-ordinate, based on guidance from the PG, communications with external stakeholders.


For more information, see the MDEP Annual Report: 2018-2019.


Safety Goals (the subcommittee completed its work in 2011)

MDEP STC Position Paper on Safety Goals

"The Structure and Application of High Level Safety Goals"

CP-STC-01 MDEP STC Common Position on First-Plant-Only-Tests (FPOT)

CP-STC-02 MDEP Common Position Addressing Fukushima Daiichi NPP Accident

MDEP Self Assessment

A self assessment of the MDEP was initiated in late 2011 to take stock of the MDEP programme of work, what has been accomplished to date and what has yet to be accomplished, as well as assess if MDEP activities are enhancing safety of new reactor design reviews and harmonisation. Data was collected from both MDEP members (90 surveys were completed) and external stakeholders (15 organisations provided input). Actions were taken by the STC following the assessment and recommendations from the PG.

MDEP Self assessment report

Last reviewed: 20 January 2022